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Studying yoga beyond the mat is easy

And the best way to create a truly meaningful yoga practice


Access This Black Friday Special Deal!

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Can’t maintain a personal yoga practice?

It’s because you are not practicing yoga off the mat.

Serious Yoga Practitioners

If you have considered taking a yoga teacher training program, you know that the cost of tuition is high and the time commitment is huge. We made DSY simple AND a great value so you can explore Yoga more deeply without paying thousands of dollars.

New to Teaching Yoga

If you just finished your YTT, you may feel like you got some basics in Yoga philosophy, teachings, and application off the mat but don’t have the money to keep learning. At DSY, we offer Yoga teachings that you can apply to your personal practice and to your classes – at a low cost.

Established Yoga Teacher

Working on growing your business means dedicating time to your students but if you ignore your own practice, you’ll soon suffer from burnout. At DSY, we make sure that you continue to grow in your Yoga practice without spending hours or hundreds of dollars on trainings.

Reconnect with A deeply personal Yoga practice when you explore yoga teachings


We value your time and we know interruptions are common, so we create workshops that are broken up into chapters so you can pause as needed and pick up where you left off easily - never stop making progress!


Becoming a yoga teacher is expensive, and we don't want you to have to choose between continuing your Yoga studies and paying the bills, so we keep costs low - and this Black Friday deal makes it even more accessible.


Sometimes you only have 10 minutes - and sometimes you get an unexpected day to yourself. We have a vault full of hundreds of hours of workshops, yoga chats, and asana classes for you to access any time - or you can choose to only do the current month's workshop!


Burnout happens for serious yoga practitioners and teachers not because yoga stops working for them but because they stop exploring Yoga teachings due to lack of time. At DSY, we make sure you have everything you need to make it happen on your schedule.

Do a Shot of Yoga Online Studio:

A Community for Serious Yoga Practitioners and Teachers to Study Yoga in a Safe Space at a Low Cost


Do a Shot of Yoga Online Studio is a monthly Yoga training that helps yoga teachers continue their study of Yoga philosophy and principles without spending tons of money or over-committing their time. Every month, members receive:


A 30-minute workshop on a yoga principle or teaching divided up into chapters so you can stop and start as needed


Access to a vault full of hundreds of hours of yoga workshops, yoga group coaching sessions, yoga chats, and asana classes for any time you feel like a yoga binge


Post-workshop Q&As last as long as needed so that you always get your questions answered


Access to a community of likeminded yoga teachers where you can share resources, ask questions, and connect


Option to download a written transcript or audio version of all yoga workshops so that you can learn in any way that suits you


Access to all yoga guides and resources offered by Valeria and Do a Shot of Yoga all in one place

This membership grows in value every single month – but your price stays the same!

Every single month, you’ll receive:

Keeping growing your Yoga knowledge without overwhelming your schedule or your wallet – and GET 40% OFF for BLACK FRIDAY!

Monthly Member

$29/ month

$17/ month

Price increases soon. Lock in this low rate when you join as a member today.

Cancel anytime.

Annual Member

$290/ year

$170/ year

Get 2 months free! Price increases soon. Lock in this low rate when you join as a member today.

Cancel anytime.

Today is the best time ever to join

Just like a tree, the best time to really explore Yoga was 20 years ago – and the second best time is now. 

The Black Friday deal ends on November 20th, so act now because the time – and the price – will never be better!


While you are in the program, you’ll get:


A new workshop every month in an easy-to-access format so you are always making progress.


Access to a vault of yoga workshops, yoga group coaching, yoga book chats, and more!


Connections with a group of yoga lovers who are also deepening their yoga experience and learning how to practice yoga off the mat.


Plus the support and curation of Valeria Weber Williamson, E-CYT 200, CYT 500, AYTh, AHC, yoga researcher and writer for 20 years.

Will I have lifetime access to each month?

When you sign up for Do a Shot of Yoga, you get access to all the past months’ master classes, yoga coaching sessions, downloadable workbooks, bonuses, and more. You have access to all these classes plus new classes and workbooks for as long as you’re a member in good standing.

What if I miss any of the scheduled classes live?

All classes are done live in the Facebook group and are stored in the membership platform. You can access them anytime to watch at your leisure.

How do you say Valeria?

Vah-LAIR-ee-ah. 😉

Is there a money back guarantee?

Do a Shot of Yoga is a monthly investment in yourself to maintain and deepen your yoga practice! You are welcome to cancel anytime, and you will maintain access to Do a Shot of Yoga until your purchase period is over.

Committing to your yoga practice is committing to yourself. I can’t wait for you to start making progress toward your goals and get that incredible feeling that yoga brings every single day!


Are you ready to get started? 

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