February 2021 Book of the Month


Sleep Recovery by Lisa Sanfilippo


There’s nothing more delightful than really amazing sleep – or an incredibly restorative yoga practice! This month, we’re combining the two for Yoga + Sleep, and challenging ourselves to tune up our yoga practice so that it helps us to get the best sleep possible!


Are you ready to get cozy with your yoga?!


This month, during our 10-Day Yoga Reading Challenge, we’re reading Sleep Recovery: The Five Step Yoga Solution to Restore Your Rest by Lisa Sanfilippo.


To kick off our Challenge, we start with our monthly, Do a Shot of Yoga Master Class. This month, we’re doing something a little different in honor of our Yoga + Sleep theme: we’re doing a live Yoga Nidra class! Bring your bolsters, your blankets, and cut out all the distractions as you experience a full Yoga Nidra class!


But FIRST, we will have the opportunity to connect with  Yoga Accountabili-Buddy for all members who would like to, plus a live yoga group coaching session! In both, we will look at how our individual yoga practices are going, what is working and what isn’t, and how we can hone in on what – and when – to update and change and when to keep going.


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See you in the “Yoga + Sleep” Yoga Nidra Class!








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