March 2021 Book of the Month



This month is unique here at Do a Shot of Yoga because for the first time in a long time we are reading a book that is not specifically about yoga! Instead, it’s about creativity and every other aspect of the membership – the Yoga Coaching Session, the Master Class, and the 10-Day Yoga Reading Challenge – will help you to align your yoga practice with creativity and vice versa! 


Are you ready to get unite your yoga practice to augment your creative output in our Yoga + Creativity month?


This month, during our 10-Day Yoga Reading Challenge, we’re reading Sleep Recovery: The Five Step Yoga Solution to Restore Your Rest by Lisa Sanfilippo.


To kick off our Challenge, we start with our monthly, Do a Shot of Yoga Master Class. This month, we will take part in an experiential class called Meditate + Make, in which the inimitable Mrs. Mac will guide us through meditation and then through a corresponding art class where we will follow our natural creative impulses!


But FIRST, we will have the opportunity to connect with  Yoga Accountabili-Buddy, sign up for our Do a Shot of Yoga Telegram channel, plus a live yoga group coaching session! All of these are designed to give you the encouragement and accountability you need to commit to your yoga practice every single day this month!


After the Master Class, we dive right into our monthly 10-Day Yoga Reading Challenge! Every day for 10 days, we will discuss a section of the book in the group and/ or you can download a Challenge Guide to help you apply the book on your time. Included for each day is a reading summation, an action guide, and journal prompts to help you get the most out of your yoga practice!


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And remember: if you can’t show up live for the Master Class or yoga coaching sessions, you can always find the video and audio versions in your member platform! Do your Shot of Yoga on YOUR time!


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See you in the “Yoga + Creativity” Master Class!








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