May Book of the Month

Yoga & Psyche 

by Mariana Caplan, PhD, MFT


Comprehensive yoga practice is, in essence, a form of therapeutic growth and healing, and Dr. Caplan takes that notion to the next level by actively merging yogic principles with psychotherapy.

The good news: Yoga & Psyche by Mariana Caplan, is incredibly accessible to all readers and draws from original research, clinical studies, and anecdotal accounts to create a truly in-depth exploration of how yoga and psychotherapy complement each other perfectly.

This month, our Do a Shot of Yoga Master Class, This Is Your Brain on Yoga, will take a look at some of the different studies that support the use of yoga as a treatment for a variety of ailments, from depression to schizophrenia to stress.

Next, we will jump into our 10-Day Yoga Reading Challenge: Psych Out on the Mat, where we will read the book together and commit to our own uniquely personal daily yoga practice.

But FIRST, as a bonus, this month, we will have 4 live yoga group coaching sessions instead of the usual 2, and the two extra sessions will be Yoga Bliss meditations that focus on using yoga principles to slow the autonomic system and chill tha eff out with never-heard-before guided meditations!

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