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Yoga is amazing, but it’s not easy to create or sustain a daily yoga practice that gives you real results on your own, especially if you’re just getting started or in need of inspiration


New to yoga and not sure where to begin, what the term “yoga off the mat” means, or if yoga can really help you.


Returning to your yoga practice, dedicated to creating a daily yoga practice that gives you results. 


A yoga teacher looking for inspiration both on and off the mat, a safe space to focus on personal practice, and monthly master classes that can earn you CE credits with Yoga Alliance.

Or… you might be interested in trying something new and different in your yoga practice


Would you have an easier time fitting yoga into your busy schedule if you had access to vault of 10 to 20 minute gentle yoga, yin, and meditation classes that you could work into your day on your time?


Would you find it valuable to explore new yoga lifestyle topics like Ayurveda, aromatherapy, herbal health, energy healing with guest experts every month?


Wouldn't you love to have access to a quarterly Yoga Book Chat group where you could read great books on yoga, immerse yourself in yoga history and fascinating philosophical tidbits to deepen your experience, and then chat about it with yoga friends?


What if you could incorporate the moon's phases into your practice and connect the energy of the moment with your practice on and off the mat in a unique Yoga Moon Ceremony every month?


Would you find it valuable to have 24-hour access to a vault full of 100s of hours of Master Classes, yoga group coaching sessions, yoga asana classes, yoga book chats, starting right now?


What if you had the accountability you needed to get on the mat every single day and do the yoga that you know will make your life 1000x better plus a unique step-by-step success path that shows you what to do and when?

Do a Shot of Yoga Online Studio:

An Online yoga studio for yoga practitioners who want more from yoga than asana practice


Do a Shot of Yoga is an online yoga studio that is totally unique, offering both on the mat and off the mat yoga options, including:


A Master Class taught by guest experts that helps you apply yoga to your life, plus a downloadable workbook.


A Yoga Moon Ceremony session that allows you to work your way through a personal 8-phase accountability journey each month to assess and calibrate your plan for your yoga practice that it serves you where you are in this moment.


New gentle yoga asana classes for all bodies and abilities that are short and accessible any time of the day or night.


A quarterly live Yoga Book Chat with yoga friends to explore different ways of living a yogic life on and off the mat.


Guest taught asana classes so that you can explore a wide range of yoga styles.


An exclusive Facebook community for studio members only.


Access to a vault full of all past months of master classes, yoga group coaching sessions, guest taught classes, asana classes, and more.

This membership grows in value every single month – but your price stays the same!

Every single month, you’ll receive:

Digital membership

Keep your commitment to getting on the mat every day.

 Monthly Member

$29/ month

The monthly membership renews automatically every month, giving you continual access to all the Yoga Maps, Master Classes, Challenge Classes, downloads and more!

Cancel anytime.

 Annual Member

$290/ year

Get more than 15% off of the monthly rate and get 2 months free! Lock it in!

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Get Instant Access to the entire library:


Learn the 5 pillars of herbal health and how it can improve your yogic journey on and off the month in this month’s Master Class!


Sanskrit is the language of Yoga, and in this month’s Master Class, we’ll explore some of the basic words, phases, roots that will help you expand your practice.


Explore the 8 phases of your Yoga journey in alignment with the moon in the Do a Shot of Yoga proprietary course for members only, and find your dharma on the mat and off.


In this month’s Master Class, explore the journey of the Fool in the Tarot’s Major Arcana with a little Jung and Joseph Campbell woven in.


This month’s Master Class explores the ritual and sacrament of the menstrual cycle as you work to be in sync with your body on your yogic journey.


Ever wonder exactly how to use Ayurveda to monitor your health and read the signs so that you can heal what ails you? This is the Master Class for you! 


Life is traumatic, but yoga can be medicine. Learn how yoga helps heal emotional wounds in this month’s Master Class.


Living in sync with the seasons is a huge part of Ayurvedic and Yogic living. Learn how in this month’s Master Class.


One of the primary principles of Yoga is maintaining the body, and in this Master Class we learn how to maintain the cells that allow our practice to thrive.


Yogis live in harmony with the moon, and this month’s Master Class explores the energy associated with the different phases and how to remain in alignment.


Tap into the sacral chakra with Astro Yoga in this month’s Master Class.


Gratitude is everything, but it’s not about making lists of what you’re thankful for. Dive into real Gratitude in this month’s Master Class.


Kundalini Yoga unleashes the energy coiled at the base of the spine through meditation, chanting, and asana – and it’s amazing! Check it out in this month’s experiential Master Class.


How you start your day sets the tone for everything. Learn a yoga morning ritual that will put you on the right track.


Managing your energy takes awareness and boundaries, and this month’s meditation helps you to do both through a heart chakra meditation. 


We detox physically and mentally this month to tap into our intuition, exploring what we REALLY want, applying Yoga Maps on physical and mental detox, and learning how to tap into our intuition during our yoga practice in our Master Class.


Yoga and manifestation go hand in hand as we explore what manifestation is in our Master Class this month, dive into done-for-you Yoga Maps for self compassion, try Yin Yoga with Valeria, and talk about doing less to accomplish more in our Yoga Coaching Session.


So many fabulous classes this month with a yoga group coaching session and Yoga Maps on beauty hunting, plus a Master Class on Soul Care and then a guest taught class that guides us through how we can manifest an amazing year with Deborah Beroset.


Learn all about how yoga and meditation practice can help you create emotional shifts that improve overall mood and your ability to manage symptoms related. to depression and grief.


This month is unique because we are exploring our yogic life on the mat with a Master Class focused on Restorative Yoga with guest teacher Paula Strupeck Gardner, and two Challenge Classes: one on Vinyasa Flow and one in Restorative Yoga!


Explore mindfulness, yoga practice, and energy intelligence this month with a Master Class and Challenge Class taught by guest teacher Jazmine Craig, in which she shares her gift for Shamanic drumming!


This month, dive into sound therapy and find out what it is and why it matters with guest teacher Niajae Wallace, a licensed Sound Therapist and coach, who provides the Sound Bath experience of a lifetime!

close up of woman striking sound bowl


Learn all about what pranayama is, its history, and its benefits, and then we’ll practice a few different types of pranayama – some well known, and others less well known.

spiky plant in pot with beige backgroun


This month’s focus is on chakras, giving you everything you need to know to understand what they are, where they came from, what they mean, and how to incorporate that understanding into your yoga practice!


There are four traditional paths of yoga, and we explore them all in this month’s Master Class. Which path is right for you?


Dive into the impact of your yoga practice on your creativity and the impact of creativity on your yoga with a Meditate + Make Master Class and a great book on how to get the most out of your creativity!

Yoga + Sleep

Yoga can help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, getting the restorative rest you need – and our Yoga Nidra (or Yoga Sleep) Master Class is a great place to start!


Trauma impacts and while traditional therapies are the first-line of defense, yoga in all its forms can be exceptionally beneficial in decreasing symptoms in the moment as well as over time!


Learn all about the yoga classic, Bhagavad Gita – it’s history, its meaning, and how it is relevant to today’s yoga practitioners and to your Shot of Yoga practice!


This month, explore what is keeping you from your practice, how to overcome those obstacles, and embrace the mayhem of freedom!


It’s a double full moon this month!  Join us in all kinds of woo fun with this month’s content where we are exploring both Yoga and how it connects to the mysticism of the Universe.


This month you will learn all about forest bathing and look at all the ways you can enliven and inspire your practice with nature!


This month you will explore everything about the Subtle Body and how to activate it in our practice for the purposes of healing.


Yoga + Revolution is the theme this month where you will work on connecting with our own dharma, or purpose, both on the mat and off!

Yoga + Aromatherapy

Learn how aromatherapy works and how to make your own essential oils in this Master Class.


Learn how yoga impacts the brain and what the research has to say about yoga’s impact on longevity, clarity, and mood.


Welcome to our exploration of Awesome Ayurveda and all the incredible ways that you can incorporate Ayurvedic practices and principles into your yoga practice!


Yoga is a key resource in emotional detox, and the benefits extend far beyond the mat.


Malas, meditation, and mindfulness are the focus of our yoga book and our Master Class.


Learn how to create your Yoga Vision Board for your yoga practice in this month’s Master Class!


Ready to explore 7 different ways that you can augment your yoga practice? Learn how to awaken energy in this month’s Master Class.


Explore body contentedness, body neutrality, and how to merge it into action on your yoga mat with Anna Guest-Jelley in Curvy Yoga!

Do a Shot of Yoga Digital Membership:

An Online Community for Badass Yogis Who are Ready to Live their Yoga Off the Mat and ON!


When you join Do a Shot of Yoga Digital membership, you immediately gain access to a world of yoga information and support. 


From Day 1, you are invited to explore all past month Master Classes and Yoga Coaching sessions as you read the books that resonate with you most. 


You are also immediately welcomed into the group and are instantly connected with other yogis who will be going through the program with you.

A unique mix of yoga newbies, returning yogis, and yoga teachers, this group loves to support each other and share their yoga wins and yoga struggles on and off the mat!


You are also able to purchase whatever version of the book of the month that works best for you. (Audiobook lovers and ebook lovers, this is the yoga book club for you!)


Want to know the best part?

Every month, we talk about setting our Yoga Goal for our practice that month and creating the Yoga Maps (TM) that support that goal every day. 

If you’re struggling with anxiety, for example, we help you to create a yoga practice that addresses anxiety specifically that you can do every day. 

Migraines? We’ve got you. Fibromyalgia? Yep. Insomnia? Here for you! 

Success in using yoga to manage a specific issue happens with consistent practice, and we show you exactly how to get on the mat, what to do when you’re there, and how to keep it up – and keep your yoga practice fun and exciting! 



With the support of other yogis in this program, you get to learn from others’ experience, bounce ideas for your yoga practice off of them, and share all that is happening for you in your practice. 


Do a Shot of Yoga Digital members make rapid strides in their yoga progress on the mat. Many find that within just a few months they feel comfortable in any yoga class, are well versed in the basics of yoga theory, and are making demonstrable progress toward their personal yoga goals. 

Great self-confidence, stronger relationships, and increased authenticity in life are just a few of the side effects of committing to “Do a Shot of Yoga” every day, and with the support of Valeria and the other yogis in the program…


there’s no limit to how far you can go, on and off the mat!

Get the full yogi life experience!

explore the world of yoga on and off the mat

Unlike other yoga memberships that focus solely on asana practice (the yoga poses you do on the mat), Do a Shot of Yoga Digital membership explores all aspects of living a yoga life. We connect you with an incredible community of yogis also on the seeker’s path, read incredible books together about yoga both on and off the mat, and encourage each other to practice yoga daily so you can have the motivation to meet your unique yoga goals. 

Additionally, Do a Shot of Yoga Digital is organized by Valeria Weber Williamson, an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, MFAW, and researcher/ writer with 20 years of experience in the health and wellness space dedicated to being your yoga sleuth and helping you to track down the information that will help you get what you need from your yoga practice.

Are you ready to deepen your daily yoga practice starting today?

Do a Shot of Yoga is for you if:


You know how invaluable yoga can be and you are ready to learn how to create a personalized yoga practice that works for your needs.


You have tried to commit to an at-home yoga practice in the past but eventually fall off without accountability and support.


You are no longer able to get to the studio regularly due to COVID and you want to learn how to commit to an awesome yoga practice at home.


You are ready to make a commitment to yourself.


You are ready for amazing shifts in your life!


You want to connect with other awesome yogis like yourself who are ready to try new things and support one another on the mat.

Do a Shot of Yoga is NOT for you if:


You do not really want to do yoga everyday, but you think it sounds good in theory.


You are not interested in learning more about yoga philosophy or yogic life “off the mat.”


You want a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all program that you can just press play to implement.


Because everyone is unique, this program is about helping you to find the unique combination of yoga practices that will help you to reach your personal goals.

Today is the best time ever to join

Never has there been a time in our history where we have had the opportunity to get the most out of an at-home yoga practice. Even though we are still so very busy (jam-packed Zoom meeting schedule, anyone?), we always have the time to fit in a shot of yoga!


While you are in the program, you’ll get:


Daily encouragement!


Access to a group of yogis who are also deepening their yoga experience and achieving their goals.


Plus the support and guidance of Valeria Weber Williamson, RYT 500, yoga researcher, and owner of Do a Shot of Yoga online book club membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have lifetime access to each month?

When you sign up for Do a Shot of Yoga, you get access to all the past months’ master classes, yoga coaching sessions, downloadable workbooks, bonuses, and more. You have access to all these classes plus new classes and workbooks for as long as you’re a member in good standing.

What if I miss any of the scheduled classes live?

All classes are done live in the Facebook group and are stored in the membership platform. You can access them anytime to watch at your leisure.

How do I submit a question for the weekly Q&A?

When you join the Facebook group, you will have the opportunity to ask a question, and any time you’d like to follow up, you can email Valeria at [email protected].

How do you say Valeria?

Vah-LAIR-ee-ah. 😉

Is there a money back guarantee?

Do a Shot of Yoga is a monthly investment in yourself to maintain and deepen your yoga practice! You are welcome to cancel anytime, and you will maintain access to Do a Shot of Yoga until your purchase period is over.

Committing to your yoga practice is committing to yourself. I can’t wait for you to start making progress toward your goals and get that incredible feeling that yoga brings every single day!


Are you ready to get started?