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 This monthly membership is exclusively designed to provide new done-for-you yoga sequences and social media templates every month + all the tips you need to personalize them for your thriving business teaching yoga

Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio

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The life of a yoga teacher is busy, and Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio is here to simplify the process!

new teacher

New to Teaching

New to teaching yoga and overwhelmed by how to get new students AND create amazing yoga classes for the first time.

Returning Yoga Teacher

Returning to your yoga teaching business, this time with a specific goal of bringing in new students, creating exciting classes – and maintaining your own practice.

Long-Time Teacher

A yoga teacher looking for inspiration in creating a sustainable business, streamlining processes, and creating more freedom in their lives.

Or… you might be trying to create your own unique yoga practice and just want help with yoga sequencing.


What if you could get a unique yoga sequence created for you every month PLUS learn how to modify, mix, and match to create dozens of unique yoga classes?


What if you could get done-for-you templates for your yoga business - everything from social media, to email swipe copy, to launch checklists and more?


What if you could ask questions and get answers that help you meet the unique needs of your students in your area as you teach your style of yoga?


What if you had the mentorship and support of Valeria Weber Williamson, E-200 RYT, 500 RYT teacher who owns and runs three successful yoga memberships (one of which is product-based), teaches yoga business workshops to YTT programs across the country, and regularly runs successful yoga courses and challenges?


Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio:

A mastermind for Yoga Teachers who are ready to simplify, streamline, and grow their yoga businesses


Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio is a business mastermind for yoga teachers that provides everything you need to create a thriving yoga business without the overwhelm, including:


A done-for-you Universal yoga class sequence in checklist format created according to the Shot of Yoga System.


A video + audio to go over how to cue and modify the monthly yoga class sequence to make it your own and fit all abilities.


Mastermind Yoga Teacher Coaching session to explore different aspects of streamlining your yoga class creation and planning and bringing your classes to students of all abilities.


A done-for-you business template to grow your yoga business faster - anything from social media templates to email swipe copy to launch checklists that help brick and mortar businesses as well as online yoga businesses.


A Mastermind Yoga Business Coaching session to go deep into a different way of bringing yoga to your students online and off.


An exclusive Facebook community for members of Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio only.


Access to all past months of Mastermind sessions, sequences, videos, and templates so that you always have access to what you need most.


All Mastermind sessions are available in video and audio format so that you can fit them into your busy life.


Bonuses including prizes, guest teachers, downloadable guides, and so much more!

This membership grows in value EVERY SINGLE MONTH – but your price stays the same!

Every single month, you’ll receive:

Digital membership

Take your yoga business from surviving to thriving today.

 Monthly Member

$47/ month

SYTS automatically renews every month, giving you round the clock access to all the yoga teacher support, business templates, done-for-you sequenced yoga classes, and more!

Cancel anytime.

 Annual Member

$470/ year

Get more than 20% off the monthly rate/ 2 months free! Lock in this low price for the length of your membership!

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Get Instant Access to the entire library of done-for-you sequenced yoga classes plus a new one each month:

The One for Yin

Yin is a unique style of yoga that is restorative and does more to improve range of motion than any other style. Bring this class to your students and they’ll love you for it!

The One for Balance

Balance happens in standing postures, arm balances, and even mat-based postures, but it is also felt in the body with a well-balanced class – check this one out!

The One for Mermaid

Mermaid is a beautiful pose that is easy to teach and has lots of modifications so that students of all levels can find their own version.

The One with the Splits

Splits, or Hanumanasana, is not accessible to all but it is possible to move closer to it, and this class provides tons of prep and support for moving closer each time.

The One for Strength

Though every yoga class offers strength building postures, this one provides an extra focus on building both leg and arm strength throughout the class.

The One With the trees

Tree is often taught as a singular balance pose but it is incorporated into every part of this unique class to build strength and stability..

The One with the Crows

Crow Pose is usually the first flying pose taught to students and this class provides preparatory postures that help students move closer to doing Crow or achieve it.

The One With the Blocks

Props bring so much value, and this class demonstrates that props are not for those who “can’t” do a pose but a way to explore different aspects of all postures.

The One With Yin & Yang

Find balance in this class with a yin section and a yang section, a unique way to bring heating and cooling energy to a single class.

The One for Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most common reasons that students seek out yoga, and this class brings it to them but with a focus on safety. 

The One That Goes Around the World

Travel around the mat, exploring different planes of movement, transitions, and ways of sequencing in this unique class.

The One That Is Heart Centered

Opening the heart is a physical and spiritual practice and in this class we explore different ways to bring this theme to life on the mat.

The One for Digestion

With all the sweets, turkey dinners, family gatherings, and general merriment around the table, it’s a good idea to let our yoga practice help us process allll of that!

The One with the Moons

After all that male sun energy, we’re headed into cooler moon energy this month with a look at Chandra Namaskar in all its beautiful variations!

The One With the Suns

We’re creating a strong foundation in our Universal Yoga Class sequences with an exploration of Surya Namaskar A and B modifications – a great base class upon which to build 100s of classes!

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Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio:

An online mastermind for yoga teachers ready to simplify, streamline, and grow their yoga businesses


When you join Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio, you immediately gain access to a world of yoga business information and done-for-you support. 


From Day 1, you are invited to explore all past month Shot of Yoga class sequences, done-for-you business templates, Mastermind, and Mentorship sessions. 


You are also immediately welcomed into the SYTS community and connected with other yoga teachers who will go through the program with you.

A unique mix of new and veteran yoga teachers, this group loves to support each other and share their yoga wins and yoga struggles on and off the mat!


Want to know the best part?

Twice a month, we answer the questions YOU are facing as you grow YOUR yoga business.

If you’re struggling with getting new students, for example, we can help you determine how best to reach the students who are in need of your unique teaching style.

Trying to open a brick and mortar yoga studio? We’ve got you. Want to teach yoga classes online? Here for you! Want to teach more classes locally? We’ve got you covered. All of the above? You’re in the right place.

There is a lot to know when you’re starting out as a new yoga teacher or expanding your practice online – and there’s a ton to do no matter what stage of teaching you are at.

With SYTS, we give you back your time by simplifying your process and doing a lot of the work for you!



With the support of other yogis in this program, you get to learn from others’ experience, bounce ideas for your yoga teaching off of them, and share all that is happening for you in your business. 


Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio members make rapid strides in their yoga business and build confidence in their teaching abilities and their abilities to bring innovative, interesting classes to their students. Many find that within just a few months they feel comfortable teaching yoga in any context, are well versed in the basics of yoga business, and are making demonstrable progress toward their yoga business goals. 

Great self-confidence, stronger relationships, and increased authenticity in life are just a few of the side effects of joining the Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio, and with the support of Valeria and the other yogis in the program…


there’s no limit to how many students you can reach with your unique style of yoga

Launch a yoga business that will let you reach the students who need you!

get the support you need to dive into the world of yoga business both on and off the mat

Unlike other yoga business memberships that focus solely on marketing, Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio also helps with planning on the mat, creating done-for-you yoga sequences that you can tailor to create unique classes easily. 

We connect you with an incredible community of yogis also on the seeker’s path, practice teaching together, build our businesses together, and encourage one another to create a thriving yoga business that can change the world. 

Additionally, Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio is organized by Valeria Weber Williamson, an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, MFAW, yoga asana teacher, yoga business instructor, voice of Shot of Yoga LIVE, and owner of three thriving yoga memberships, dedicated to helping you organize your yoga business from the ground up so that you can spend more time doing what you love: teaching yoga. 

Are you ready to reach the students who need your style of yoga?

Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio is for you if:


You know how invaluable yoga can be and you are ready to reach the students that need your personal brand of yoga.


You have tried to start teaching or get a thriving yoga business off the ground but you've been unsuccessful.


You are teaching yoga regularly or have a new yoga business but you want to grow it faster.


You are ready to make a commitment to yourself, your current students, and your future students.


You are ready for amazing shifts in your life!


You want to connect with other awesome yogis like yourself who are also changing the world with yoga.

Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio is NOT for you if:


You don't want to learn how to create and modify unique yoga classes that suit your style using done-for-you Shot of Yoga classes as your foundation.


You are not interested in learning how to connect with new students who want to learn from you and with you.


You don't want to grow your yoga business online and/ or in-person.


Because every yoga teacher is unique, this program is about helping you to modify and tweak our done-for-you yoga sequences to best serve YOUR students - and connect with more students to fill your classes!

Today is the best time ever to join

Never has there been a time in our history where we have had more students craving the freedom of a personal yoga practice – and they need YOU to help them connect with a meaningful practice!


While you are in the program, you’ll get:


Lots of support, encouragement, and answers to your yoga questions!


Access to a group of yogis who are also building out their yoga teaching options and achieving their goals.


Plus the support and guidance of Valeria Weber Williamson, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, yoga researcher, yoga business instructor, and owner of Do a Shot of Yoga Online Studio, Do a Shot of Yoga Deluxe Box, and Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have lifetime access to each month?

When you sign up for Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio, you get access to all the past months’ done-for-you Shot of Yoga System sequences, yoga teacher mentorship sessions, yoga business mastermind sessions, done-for-you business templates, downloads, bonuses, and more. You have access to all this and all new sessions, sequences, and templates for as long as you’re a member in good standing.

What if I miss any of the scheduled classes live?

All classes are recorded live in the Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio community on Facebook or on Zoom and made available in the membership platform within 24 hours. You can access them anytime to watch at your leisure.

How do I submit a question for the Q&As?

There are two opportunities to ask questions in Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio. During the yoga teacher mentorship sessions, Valeria answers all questions about teaching yoga. During the yoga business mastermind sessions, Valeria answers all business-related questions. Simply post your questions in the SYTS community or email Valeria at [email protected].

How do you say Valeria?

Vah-LAIR-ee-ah. 😉

Is there a money back guarantee?

Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio is a monthly service and an investment in yourself as you maintain and deepen your yoga teaching and your business! You are welcome to cancel anytime, and you will maintain access to Shot of Yoga Teacher Studio until your purchase period is over. It is also a business expense that you can claim on your taxes in the US!

Committing to your yoga business is committing to your students and to yourself. I can’t wait for you to start making progress toward your goals and get that incredible feeling that comes with sharing yoga with the world!


Are you ready to get started?