Yoga Gift Guide 2023

by | Nov 2, 2023

Yoga Gift Guide for 2023

Give the Gift of Yoga Motivation in 2023


If your lady loves yoga and you love your lady, any of the following yoga gifts are sure to make her heart smile.

Also, not for nothing, but a woman who is supported in her yoga practice by her partner, is bound to do more yoga, which in turn means a more relaxed and peaceful partner, which translates into a more supportive relationship for you, which improves your ability to go kick ass out in the world and achieve all your awesome goals…

So basically, buying yoga presents for your love will make you rich and successful beyond your wildest dreams. (Lol, JOKES.)

But you already know that yoga is amazing, which is why you chose a partner who does yoga in the first place and why you’re here, ready to support her in her practice with awesome yoga presents.

By the way, if you haven’t heard it already today, you are kickass and absolutely the best partner that your love could have. Consider me your assistant, pointing you toward the right yoga gift for your partner based on what you love most about her and your relationship with her.

A Full Set of Yoga Blockx, Mat, Towels, and Strap Is a Great Yoga Gift

You have a strong foundation and you want to make it stronger

Yoga is all about starting from the ground up and building a solid foundation, which is great for you and your relationship. If she already has a yoga mat, help her take her practice to the next level with this 7-piece yoga set. It includes a thick yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a yoga mat strap, a towel for hot yoga, a hand towel, and a yoga knee pad, and you can get it in a bunch of different colors for under $35 total.

pile of purple yoga blocks mat and towels

A Funny Yoga Tank Is a Great Yoga Gift for On or Off the Mat

She has a great sense of humor and you love that about her

In any relationship, there is going to be shiz, but as long as you can both let it go, that shiz will bond you and make you stronger. Laughing it off is always a good option, and she can start here with this “let that shit go” yoga tank. It’s got a twist racerback, which makes it interesting as well as funny – not easy to do when it comes to yoga wear! 

Gray tank top that says Let that Shit Go and has a Buddha statue on it

Helping Your Yoga Lover Avoid Falling in Class Is a Great Yoga Gift

Her sense of style is fun and super cute

These yoga socks anklets by Gaiam are not only functional on the mat, but off the mat as well, fitting into shoes with ease and giving your lady one less thing to have to drag to the studio or pull out when it’s time to practice at home.

Plus, they’ll keep her feet warm and stop her from sliding around on the mat – win, win.

Three different styles to choose from means that you can pick up a neutral pair, Bermuda Blue, or Wild Berry – or all 3 so she can mix and match at her leisure. At under $15 a pair, you can keep her style snappy as well as make foot massages more fun or keep a stash of cool yoga gifts on hand.


Beautiful Everyday Items Serve As a Perfect Yoga Gift

She loves to surround herself with little reminders of her yoga practice

If you want to support her in her yoga goals without being the one who nags, you can give her a mandala yoga phone case that keeps her yoga practice front of mind. This gorgeous wood case is subtle with its mandala design and at under $20, it’s a great gift for a special occasion or just because.

wooden yoga phone case with mandala design

Yoga Leggings: You Can Never Have Too Many

Really great yoga leggings are her thing (and she looks great in them!)

Who among us doesn’t love a great pair of leggings with pockets? This pair is well rated, superbly priced, and guaranteed to give her countless hours on the mat – or let’s be honest, near the mat – and make you the king of gifts. Grab her this pair of high waist, tummy control leggings with pockets before they’re gone!

black leggings, high waist, pockets

Do a Shot of Yoga Online Studio Is the Best Yoga Gift of All

She’s super smart – she did choose you after all

If your yoga lover is interested in taking her practice to the next level, you can get her started with Do a Shot of Yoga Online Studio.

Every month, she will get:

  • Monthly Master Class broken down into easy to digest chapters so she can work her way through at her own pace.
  •  Content provided in video, audio, and transcript format so that she can learn in the way that comes easiest to her.
  • Access to a vault of yoga workshops, yoga group coaching sessions, yoga book clubs, and yoga chats plus asana classes.
  • Monthly bonuses, including discounts on other Do a Shot of Yoga workshops, memberships, and offerings.

It’s honestly one of the most unique yoga gifts you can possibly give her, and one that will serve her all year long !

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that she has something to open from you – an actual gift – so all you have to do is email a copy of your receipt to [email protected] and we’ll send you a beautiful certificate to print out – also great for last minute gifts!


Does your yoga lover want support in building a sustainable yoga practice?


Download my free guide, 21 Teachers Share How to Find Time for Yoga, and help her kick start a life changing daily yoga practice!

Written by Do a Shot of Yoga

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