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The best yoga book club and lifestyle subscription for yogis!

We’ve got everything you need to explore the foundations of yoga and create a practice that is right for your life.

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Anxiety management, decreased stress, improved sleep – these are just a few of the benefits of regular yoga practice!



Every month, you receive a themed Do a Shot of Yoga box that will advance your understanding of yoga and give you the tools to personalize your practice and find the balance in life that you deserve.


Opt for our Digital Do a Shot of Yoga subscription and purchase the book in the format of your choice while getting access to our monthly Master Class, 10-day Yoga Challenge, downloadable workbook, book guide, and more!

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Every Themed Box Includes:

  • An awesome yoga book!
  • 4 more yoga and/or lifestyle items.
  • Monthly yoga book club Master Class
  • Inclusion in the 10-day Yoga Challenge
  • Access to the monthly Do a Shot of Yoga Book Club Guide, Workbook, and Challenge Checklist downloads.
  • Access to our Do a Shot of Yoga community where you can give and get support on your yoga journey.

OR subscribe just to the online yoga book club and access the monthly Master Class, 10-day Yoga Challenge, Book Club Guide, online discussion, and downloadable workbook and skip the extra stuff!

Each month, you will get the inspiration and motivation YOU NEED to explore the foundations of yoga and Create your yoga practice on your terms,

on or off the mat

Access mini-yoga classes, downloadable content, Shotcallers Only! podcast episodes, and connect with an amazing tribe of women living their unique YOGA life!

“I love this box! Not only do I save time because yoga supplies show up at my door, but I get to try new products and deepen my practice with all the amazing info!”

— Sara M., Minnesota

“I never have time for a full yoga class but the Do a Shot of Yoga box encourages me to max the time I DO have. Also, LOVE the books. Now I “yoga” on the train!!!”

— Rupi L., New York

“I know this is a box for women, but I don’t care. Love the books, love the food, love the yoga supplies. The girly stuff I give to my wife.”

—Dan, Florida